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All our items are available in-store at first-come first-serve. So, you can arrange pickup or delivery by contacting us on the item’s page you are interested in!

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home decor

“Prayer” wooden sign

PRICE: $119.95 This “prayer changes things” sign is the perfect mix of vintage and colorfulness! Matched also with its joyful and encouraging statement, making it

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home decor


PRICE: $1.95 for 3″ or $2.50 for 5″ 3″ or 5″ skeleton keys! Please tell us which size key upon ordering.

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home decor

Tin Pig

PRICE: $24.95 This adorable tin pig, with an open back to hold any smaller item making it a very unique decor option! Dimensions: 7 1/2×13

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Small Ceramic Pot

PRICE: $8.95 per pot This adorably tiny and unique ceramic pots, make excellent gifts or tiny decor options in any home or workspace. Please specify

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home decor

Glass Rooster

PRICE: $34.95 This adorable glass rooster is the perfect add on to any farmhouse space! Please specify brown or white when ordering! Dimensions: 6 1/2×11

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