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Warm Glow Candles

PRICE: $16.95 Great farmhouse/ primitive textured candles with delightful scents to choose fromPumpkin Crumb CakeCreamy Vanilla BeanClove Dimensions: 5 inches tall x 4 1/2 inches

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home decor

Rustic Handled Tins

PRICE: $7.95 Rustic/ Primitive tins with metal and wood handles. Perfect size container for a potted plant, succulent, herb garden, etc. 4 available Dimensions: 4

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home decor

Tin Star

PRICE: $11.95 This tin star would make a great addition to any wall. Has a primitive, farmhouse look. Measures 13 inches in diameter.

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home decor

Round Tobacco Basket

PRICE: $24.95 Round tobacco basket that measures 22 inches in diameter. Fabulous piece of wall decor as it is…or add a wreath for an extra

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home decor

Square Tobacco Basket

PRICE: $24.95 Square shaped tobacco basket that measures 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches (24 x 24 if measured diagonally from corner to corner). Fabulous

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